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Vegetable Tan

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Vegetable Tanned Leather

"A tanning method that employs vegetable liquors derived from tree barks. This method of tanning is very traditional and takes longer to achieve than chrome tanning."

From the definition page of the Horween Website 

Vegetable tanned leather is the original method of leather tanning. Ingeniously, early man figured out that he could preserve animal hides. Steeping the hide in water and tannins (derived from tree bark) would transform the hide from perishable byproduct to a durable good.

This veg-tan process is still used today and is the most time consuming tannage with hides soaking for a full month. The result of this long tannage is a very well structured leather. Veg tanned leathers are commonly used in the equestrian world where stiff leather is a necessity for saddlery.

Horween’s veg-tanned is ideal for our bags. The leather is well structured and a good oil and wax content gives it a supple and glassy feel. Our goal is to get a piece of this leather into your hands. Once we do we believe you will be a customer for life and we are thrilled to have you.

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