Leather Bags, Made in Chicago

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At Kaehler 1920, leather is the most important material that we use. As a company we are locationally blessed in working with the Horween Leather Company. Frequent tannery visits, Horween’s generosity of time and willingness to work in small production runs allow us to feature a wide range of leathers on our products.

If you’re reading this section of the site you know that there is more to leather than it being just the preserved hide of an animal. The concept of tanning is simple but the execution is complex. Tanning is a basic production cycle yet without experience, knowledge and use of the best materials the final product will not be compelling.

The following sections are intended to share the history of leather in Chicago, important differences in leather and the factors that we believe culminate in truly great leather. There are processes that are requirements for any leather we select. There are other processes that are proprietary and show the importance of working with a great tannery. Making great product is our passion and starting with great materials is essential. Working with Horween leathers allow us to rest easy knowing we starting with the best.

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