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Chrome Tan

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Chrome Tanned Leather

The Chrome Tan process is one that uses chromium salts to stabilize the hide. This process involves 24 to 36 hours of aggressive washing in a spinning drum. Chrome tanning is a shorter process than vegetable tanning and yields a leather with very different but useful qualities.

Chrome tanned leather is more pliable and much softer than veg-tanned leather and is commonly used in making shoes, apparel and sporting goods. Chrome tanned leather is the most commonly used leather. For making high quality bags veg-tanned leather is our focus.

We use chrome tanned leather for many of our small leather goods and when you feel Horween’s Chromexcel leather you will understand why. This is the original pull up leather and sets our standard for chrome tanned leather. As you crease Chromexcel leather the oils disperse and you get a color burst. The feel of the leather is waxy and it patinas beautifully becoming very smooth as the oils from your hand interact with the natural oils of the leather. You can't choose something much better than Chromexcel to have in your pocket all day.

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