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Grandpa's Bag in Uncle Buck a Kaehler Cameo

Kaehler Golf Bag Makes an Appearance in Uncle Buck

In celebration of The Master’s, arguably golf’s greatest tournament, we thought we would share a family heirloom. This is Wallace Walter Kaehler’s (2nd generation Kaehler owner/operator’s) golf bag.  This beautiful bag was custom made using Canadian vegetable tanned leather.


We wish we knew more about the origins of the bag, but unfortunately the detail and classic quality of the aniline leather have to speak for itself. We’ve occasionally used the bag for store displays and many customers have inquired about purchasing it. We obviously refused, but we did have one offer that was too good to pass up.

When the producers from the movie Uncle Buck visited our store and offered to rent the bag for $75 a week we couldn’t say no (being huge John Candy fans, of course). If you watch the movie, in Uncle Buck's apartment you will see this golf bag. The bag then takes a ride in the trunk with Buck's nemesis, Bug. We’re proud that grandpa’s bag is a part of movie history as the bag represents everything we’re about- making beautiful leather products that can be passed down for generations.

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